Privacy Terms

The VAT Consultancy Firm B.V. treats with care the personal particulars of those visiting the website. Personal particulars are carefully processed and safeguarded. In this the BAK complies with the provisions of the DutchPersonal Data Protection Act.

Recording and processing of data
BAK processes many interested parties. By virtue of the PersonalData Protection Act BAK is obliged to handle the data in the proper manner.

Data security
BAK uses security procedures, for one thing to prevent unauthorised persons gaining access to data.

Click behaviour
BAK keeps track of information from website users, such as information about the equipment and software used as well as information about the time spent on the site.

This information cannot be traced back to the identity of the website user and is not linked to individuals. The tracked data are used as statistics for assessing the effectiveness and the yield of the information provided and the navigation structure. The aim is to optimise the configuration of the website so that BAK can further optimise its service.

Use of cookies
The website uses so-called cookies to provide electronic services. A cookie is a small, simple file that is stored on the computer’s hard disk. These cookies contain no personal particulars and are solely used to facilitate use of the site. Most browsers accept cookies unless the user turns this function off. By using the website you consent to the policy set forth above.

The website includes possible links to other external sites. Take note that BAK is not nor cannot be responsible for the privacy policy of such sites. We want to ensure that our users are aware of this if they leave our site and that they acquaint themselves with the privacy policy of each site that gathers personally identifiable data. This privacy policy only relates to data gathered on this website.